For qualified investors: the new CREDITAS LOAN, sub-fund SICAV

February 22, 2021

The CREDITAS LOAN sub-fund will invest mainly in the provision of loans and borrowings and other debt financing instruments for selected projects. The sub-fund's borrowings will typically be used for the acquisition, pre-development or development of real estate projects (both residential and administrative) and for the purchase of land offering the potential for further development.

The sub-fund is suitable for qualified investors who are willing to take a higher level of risk to achieve adequate appreciation of the invested funds in the medium to long term.

A guarantee of a minimum return on Premium Investment Shares (PIA) at the rate of 5.6% p.a. or Premium Plus Investment Shares (PPIA) at the rate of 6.0% p.a., even in the event of a lower profit or even a loss of the fund. The guarantee is in the form of a redistribution of the fund's capital from the holders of the Hedging Investment Shares (the founders of the fund) in favour of the holders of the Premium Investment Shares and Premium Plus Investment Shares (external investors), up to the amount of such fund's capital that is allocated to the Hedging of investment shares.

The founder of CREDITAS LOAN, a sub-fund SICAV is the fund of qualified investors CREDITAS LOAN SICAV a.s., which is a part of the investment group CREDITAS. Detailed information about the new sub-fund can be found at the page CREDITAS LOAN, sub-fund SICAV.