Lifeliqe is an important player in digital education in Slovakia

May 6, 2024

With its roots in Brno, Lifeliqe, a major and established player in the market of educational technologies, scores points in Slovakia. Following an agreement with the Slovakian Ministry of Education, its Corinth app became part of the state’s Viki education platform. Lifeliqe is part of the CREDITAS Group.

Viki was developed by the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic. It is a central repository where teachers and students can access rich digital educational content anytime, anywhere, via mobile phones, tablets or computers. With Viki, teachers can easily create and assign online tasks to students. With intelligent search and filtering, they can easily find relevant content for learning.

We appreciate the inclusion of our models in Viki and look forward to further cooperation. We are pleased that our globally popular software application Corinth is actively used by thousands of users in Slovakia. In addition, we continue to grow. The app helps schools in 120 countries around the world and we are looking for other markets,” says Matouš Tlapák, CEO of Lifeliqe.

Corinth’s portfolio is very broad, including teaching materials for schools, mainly in the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, paleontology, astronomy and geography for primary and secondary schools. In addition, all models undergo consultations with specialists in the field, for example, from the Charles University or other prestigious universities, including Stanford.

Using Corinth on Viki helps students develop technology skills and prepares them for the world of the future. It is an effective tool that supports my teaching methods and helps students, through interactive and interesting materials, to gain a deeper understanding of the curriculum,” says Ivica Dafčíková, a teacher of biology and geography who won the 2023 Public Award in the Učiteľ Slovenska survey. According to Dafčíková, modern tools like Corinth also develop the technological skills of teachers. “In addition, teachers can use the platform to share their own educational materials and experiences with colleagues from all over Slovakia, which contributes to creating a community of teachers and sharing best practices,” adds Dafčíková, who teaches at the ZŠ Pavla Országha Hviezdoslava (Pavel Orsaght Hviezdoslav Primary School) in Trstené.

The Corinth app is building a strong position in Europe and beyond. Its deployment is being discussed in dozens of countries, including India and Japan. It is used by thousands of schools in Poland. It has been piloted at the national level in Vietnam, Lithuania and Moldova. It is a part of the curricula of hundreds of primary and secondary schools in the Czech Republic, and the Hradec Králové and Vysočina regions use the app at schools in a full range.