Banka CREDITAS: 419 thousand crowns for disabled children

July 24, 2023

419,400 Czech crowns was the final sum raised by the charity event, where Banka CREDITAS increased the amount donated to support disabled children by 300 CZK for each completed investment questionnaire. The bank handed over the entire amount to the benefit corporation “Společně pro děti” (“Together for Children”), which will use the money to support children in difficult life situations.

A check with the proceeds of this year’s charity event was handed over by Banka CREDITAS managing board member Kamil Rataj to Eva Sklenářová, Director of Společně pro děti. During a similar event last year, the bank donated almost 385,000 CZK to children. Of course, the bank’s help does not end there and as a long-term general partner, it will continue to financially and organisationally support Společně pro děti company.

Společně pro děti is a unique project that supports at-risk, abandoned, medically handicapped or otherwise disadvantaged children. The goal of the project is to prevent the social exclusion of children at risk of poverty and to support their development. Everybody can help. On the “Odvaha darovat” (“Courage to Donate”) project website, you can find stories of children who were not so lucky in life and are burdened by financial, social or health disadvantages.