Banka CREDITAS among the 100 Most Valuable Companies in the Czech Republic

November 21, 2023

Banka CREDITAS is one of the 100 most valuable companies in the Czech Republic according to the unique Czech Elite ranking. The ranking has been compiled by the Seznam Zprávy news portal in cooperation with Deloitte.

The ranking of the 100 most valuable companies controlled by domestic owners is based on an estimate of the price at which they could be sold or bought. They are all worth at least a billion. According to the server, the preparation of the first edition of the ranking has been underway since the beginning of the summer.

According to its authors, the purpose of the ranking is to point out that despite the above-average share of foreign capital in the domestic economy, it is companies with Czech owners that are the backbone of the economy in terms of value created and employment.

The 100 most valuable companies include established companies with roots going back deep into the last century, but also a number of young companies that their founders have started, often in their apartment or garage, and only recently. Seznam Zprávy intends to update the ranking regularly.