Corinth has now teamed up with Lifeliqe

January 4, 2024

Lifeliqe, a successful technology startup with roots in Brno, has officially joined forces with its sister company Corinth, a major and established player in the market for 3D educational models and virtual reality (VR) solutions. The globally popular Corinth 3D software application is used by schools in 120 countries, including thousands of pupils and students in the Czech Republic. Prior to the merger, Corinth was already a long-term content provider for the Lifeliqe platform. Both companies belong to the portfolio of the CREDITAS Group.

Corinth is building a strong position in Europe and beyond. “We are negotiating in dozens of countries, including India and Japan. Thousands of schools in Poland have purchased our software. We have had national pilot programmes in Vietnam, Lithuania and Moldova. In addition, Corinth was the first supplier of educational content for VR glasses HTC Vive or Microsoft HoloLens,” says CEO of Lifeliqe, Matouš Tlapák, who adds that the Corinth 3D application has been helping the Czech education system transform for a long time.

Hundreds of primary and secondary schools in the Czech Republic have it in their curricula; the Královéhradecký and Vysočina regions use it in schools across the board. “I have been working with Corinth 3D for four years now. I can modify the models as I need and easily use them in my lessons for different activities. The app awakens curiosity in pupils, and they learn to think thanks to it,” says Michaela Půlpánová, a teacher of science and geography at the Vrchlabí Primary School.

The Corinth 3D portfolio includes teaching materials for schools, mainly in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, paleontology, astronomy and geography for primary and secondary schools. All models undergo consultations with specialists in the field, for example from Charles University or other prestigious universities including Stanford.

We often see that schools receive high-quality hardware but do not have the corresponding software, such as 3D models or virtual simulations. Another complication is the lack of teacher training. We can effectively solve both problems – we will supply the software and train teachers to be able to work with the new technology,” explains Matouš Tlapák, adding that positive feedback has come from teachers in the Czech Republic and abroad. Currently, Corinth is experiencing strong demand from customers for software for VR glasses.

"I believe that digital literacy and lifelong learning will play an increasingly important role in a rapidly changing world. We are glad that thanks to the background of the CREDITAS Group we can be there,” adds Matouš Tlapák.