CREDITAS ENERGY: investment in the Czech energy sector

February 10, 2021

CREDITAS ENERGY, SICAV sub-fund is a sub-fund of the CREDITAS ASSETS SICAV a.s. Qualified Investors Fund focused on the implementation of investments in the energy sector. Investors can acquire shares in the form of investment shares and various classes, which differ in terms of the minimum initial investment, the amount of fees or the lower and upper appreciation limit.

The CREDITAS ENERGY sub-fund primarily targets ownership interests in companies engaged in the distribution, production and trading of electricity, gas and heat. These will often be projects that supply energy to integral areas with high energy consumption, such as industrial plants, logistics centres, office buildings and residential areas. Another area of the sub-fund’s acquisitions also includes related service providers. 

Initial assets worth CZK 910 million were invested in the sub-fund by UNICAPITAL ENERGY a.s. It is part of the CREDITAS Group and has been operating in the energy sector since 2013. The invested assets include 108 domestic distribution systems, in which there are over five and a half thousand consumption points with an annual consumption of 1 TWh of electricity and gas. This makes the sub-fund the 4th largest electricity distributor in the Czech Republic. 

The CREDITAS ENERGY sub-fund offers investors investment shares in two classes. Premium Investment Shares (PIS) offer appreciation from 5.2%* to 5.6% p.a. with a minimum initial investment of CZK 1 million. Premium Plus Investment Shares (PPIS) offer appreciation from 5.6%* to 6% p.a. with a minimum investment of CZK 10 million. 

More detailed information can be found on the CREDITAS ENERGY sub-fund's website.

* Guarantee of a minimum return on Premium Investment Shares (PIS) of 5.2% p.a., or Premium Plus Investment Shares (PPIS) of 5.6% p.a., even in the event of a lower profit or even loss of the fund. The guarantee is a form of redistribution of fund capital from holders of Hedging Investment Shares (fund founders) in favour of holders of Premium Investment Shares and Premium Plus Investment Shares (external investors), up to the amount of this fund capital attributable to Hedging Investment Shares.