Education of the future. Lifeliqe and Corinth score in Czech schools with 3D models

October 20, 2021

Corinth and Lifeliqe are expanding their scope in a new type of education. Their 3D models are used to teach children and students, but also to retrain adults. Corinth is currently completing a large project in Ostrava, where 31 primary schools will use the entire range of educational content of Corinth 3D application. A successful technological start-up is part of the CREDITAS investment group's portfolio. 

Human organs are also available in Corinth's 3D models offer

In the past, Corinth purchased a license for educational programs with 3D models in the Hradec Králové region. In 60 schools there, it soon became clear that this way of education helps to achieve better results not only for ordinary pupils, but also for those who usually have problems with the usual ways of teaching. "According to surveys, about two thirds of the population are visual learners, i.e. people who are most comfortable with education using graphs, diagrams, charts or models," explains Matouš Tlapák, COO of Lifeliqe. "Instead of a paper textbook or a flat screen image, they now have a three-dimensional model in which they move and can choose from which angle to view the object."

Unlike previous projects in the Hradec Králové and Vysočina regions, Corinth in Ostrava provides a subscription online license with an annual validity, which can be renewed in the future. However, the Ostrava project is also exceptional by purchasing additional licenses for local leisure centres. 

"In this case, it was a purchase of online and offline versions of our software, with the possibility of use for virtual reality glasses. The availability of this educational content to all interested people will bring our services closer to schools that do not have sufficient funds to purchase a license. The leisure centres can be visited by teachers who will experience what their teaching might look like in the future,” adds Matouš Tlapák.

A similar solution is already successfully carried out by Lifeliqe in Nevada, USA, where it makes 3D models available in local libraries. In them, visitors can try working with the new technology and learn the difference between classic and 3D education.

An interactive course developed by Lifeliqe to train haemodialysis technicians provides detailed information on all important aspects, in this case the types of needles used

Corinth is also building a strong position in other countries such as Poland, where 3D models are already used in hundreds of schools, or Slovakia. "We are actively working to expand to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, where education is just entering the era of digitization. Schools receive quality hardware but do not have the appropriate software, such as 3D models or virtual simulations. Insufficient professional education of teachers is also a complication. We can solve both problems efficiently - we supply software and train teachers to be able to work with new technology.”

Corinth's offer includes teaching materials for schools, especially in the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, palaeontology, astronomy and geology. The focus is on biological models, because 3D animation can clearly show how different parts of a living body work or how plants work. All models go through consultations with specialists in the relevant field, e.g. from Charles University or other prestigious schools.