EkoRent is number one in financing physicians and surgeries

January 16, 2024

EkoRent, which is part of the CREDITAS Group, has significantly strengthened its position on the market. By acquiring the centre Medical from J&T Leasing a.s., EkoRent has confirmed its position as the strongest player in financing private health facilities in Czechia.

Thanks to this deal, EkoRent will manage over two thousand lease and loan agreements made with physicians and private health facilities. The total size of the portfolio will reach almost 1.5 billion crowns. “For EkoRent, the acquisition has a distinctive synergetic effect. They open up for us further possibilities for the development and provision of quality financial services in the private healthcare sector. The transaction allows us to strengthen our support of new and established physicians and surgeries and help them in their continued development,” said EkoRent’s director Petr Harcuba.

In addition to active clients and loans, key members of staff from the centre Medical are transferring over to EkoRent too. “For clients and business partners, this ensures not only staff continuity, but also the quality of services that the customers were used to,” added Petr Harcuba.

EkoRent has been operating on the market for 30 years. Since mid-2021, it has belonged to Banka CREDITAS’s portfolio. Over 70% of its clientele are dental surgeries.  Apart from dentistry, EkoRent also provides financing to all other medical fields, offering physicians loans for the purchase of surgeries, renovations, equipment, other furnishings and also vehicles.