Lifeliqe, a member of the CREDITAS Group, succeeded in the U.S. with virtual reality

May 16, 2022

Lifeliqe, a Czech technological start-up and part of the portfolio of the CREDITAS Group, scores in the U.S. Having obtained the $3 million Project SANDI grant, Lifeliqe is helping the State of Nevada to alleviate the economic impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. Through interactive 3D content, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), it is changing the shape of adult requalification and is preparing adults for the economy of the future.

The success in Nevada is a validation of Lifeliqe’s business model, which lies in the development of VR simulations aimed at assisting adults in gaining key carrier competencies for the most sought-after occupations. In Nevada, such occupations are most of all in the areas of smart manufacture, technologies and healthcare. Lifeliqe also cooperates with institutions that are in charge of requalification of the unemployed.

Clients enter the requalification programs using virtual reality glasses. For SANDI, Lifeliqe is developing VR courses, 3D content, virtual tours of places of work and an online platform that facilitates employers’ and trainers’ access to VR content.

“We are happy to help where needed while pursuing our further technological and business development. Most noticeable further development occurred after the downturn brought about by the Covid crisis where our company was largely dependent upon support from the CREDITAS Group,” Matous Tlapak, the director of the Czech branch of Lifeliqe, says.

Lifeliqe intends to start offering its VR products also to other states whose economies are undergoing transformations. “Our long-term objective is to become the leading requalification platform. We have started in the US, which is key for us, but we also want to help the Czech industry and job market. In a short-term horizon, we will be focusing on expanding our team to be able to fulfil our visions,” Tlapak adds.