One of the largest biomass heating plants belongs to UCED

January 20, 2022

The UCED Group of the CREDITAS Group is strengthening its position in the energy sector. It has currently completed the acquisition of EC Biowatt, a. s., one of the largest biomass heating plants in the Czech Republic. It now owns an ecological operation with two bio-blocks in the ČKD Kutná Hora, a. s. industrial area. Thanks to the acquisition, UCED will increase the volume of distributed electricity by more than 56 GWh per year and the heat distribution will increase by more than 100 thermal units. 

"We already operate our own local distribution system in the premises in Kutná Hora. By integrating the heating plant into our portfolio, we continue to strengthen our position as one of the major energy distributors in the Czech Republic,” says Richard Holešinský, UCED Investment Director. The operation has a heat output of 23.5 MW. It obtains electricity and heat in a combined form from cereal and rape straw. "We want to further develop the premises in Kutná Hora. In the second half of 2022, we plan to launch an electric boiler. We are also considering the integration of cogeneration units, photovoltaics and battery systems,” adds Holešinský.

The biomass heating plant of EC Biowatt a. s. produces energy using waste-free technology that does not burden the environment. In addition, the energy obtained is dramatically more advantageous than gas, especially recently. In addition to cereal and rape straw, the energy source fuel is purposefully grown energy crops in the form of standardized packages from farmers in the area. The resulting certified product “ash fertilizer" is widely used as a high quality fertilizer.

At the same time, UCED is consolidating its position in the field of decentralized energy. "We are following the path of automated modern production. The Kutná Hora heating plant will be involved in our technical and commercial control room. It will provide us with remote operation control and production optimization. Other UCED distribution systems are gradually involved in this system. Our first virtual power plant, which we are completing, will also be integrated into it,” explains Richard Holešinský.