The heads of our two banks have been inducted into the Hall of Fame of the #FinŽeny Project

May 21, 2024

The #FinŽeny Project has announced the 24 laureates of the third annual Hall of Fame. We are pleased that this year the CEO of Bank CREDITAS Eva Collardová and the head of Max banka Ivana Pícková have been added to the unique list of the most influential Czech bankers, economists, managers, CFOs and other long-term influential women in the finance sector.

According to a Deloitte study, the Czech Republic lags behind both the global and European average in terms of the representation of women in corporate management. We are therefore delighted that the heads of our two banks in the CREDITAS Group are women. Our whole Group is unique in this respect. The ratio of men and women in the leadership is balanced.

The aim of the #FinŽeny list is to recognise women who have a significant impact on the Czech financial segment. The list serves as an inspiration and a reminder of the achievements of exceptional ladies of the Czech financial segment. The list is not intended to be an exhaustive, closed account, nor is it intended as a ranking. The year before last, the Project inducted 53 ladies into the Hall of Fame, and last year it included 27 women. With the newly inducted group there are currently 104 exceptional female experts in total in the Hall of Fame.

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