The trend of rental housing is also strengthening in the Czech Republic

September 29, 2021

More and more Czechs are considering living in rented houses or flats. According to the current survey, three-quarters of them are afraid that they will never reach their own flat or house. The covid-19 pandemic and rising inflation play a role. "In the Czech Republic, the trend of rental housing is strengthening, which is quite common especially in economically developed countries," says Tomáš Hubáček - the CEO of Creditas Real Estate.

A survey conducted by Generali Investments CEE in collaboration with Ipsos shows that while in 2020 62% of people were afraid that they would not be able to reach their own house or flat due to the coronavirus crisis, it is now 77%. However, the number of people who no longer even think about their own housing and want to stay in rent has increased. Year-on-year, the number of such rose from 8% to 10%. "If we look abroad, in Austria, for example, almost every second family lives in rent. In large German cities, tit is almost three quarters of the people. The same number prefers rental housing in France, Great Britain, Denmark, Ireland or Sweden,” Tomáš Hubáček describes the situation. 

According to experts, housing prices have been rising for several years and the coronavirus crisis has not changed that. For many people, on the other hand, the pandemic has affected income or savings. They gave up the idea of buying their own real estate, and the market is reacting to this. Therefore, the number of projects that are not intended for sale, but are purely used for rental housing, is growing. 

"Rental housing often attracts young people who are not sure whether their first or second job is the right one. Through this type of housing, they gain independence from the place of residence and great flexibility if they decide to find a new employer in another city or region,” says Tomáš Hubáček.