The UCED group took over the energy infrastructure in the SIGMA GROUP complex in Lutín

August 18, 2021

The UCED energy group has expanded its portfolio with energy infrastructure at the SIGMA GROUP complex in Lutín. The main items of the transaction are an efficient distribution system of electrical energy and distribution of natural gas including a regulation station.

The subject of the latest acquisition of the UCED group was the company SIGMA ENERGIE spol. s r.o., the operator of the energy infrastructure in the SIGMA GROUP a.s. complex in Lutín. The key elements of the efficient distribution system of electrical energy are the very high voltage substation R1 with two 110/22/6.3 kV transformers and a network of 22/0.4 kV transformer stations. The R1 substation provides distribution of electricity in the annual volume of almost 30 GWh not only to 25 customers in the complex of SIGMA GROUP a.s., but also to a number of other customers of ČEZ Distribuce, a. s., outside the municipality of Lutín.

The transaction also included natural gas distribution infrastructure, which includes high/medium pressure regulating stations. 11 GWH of natural gas per year flow through the distribution system to 13 local customers.

The new operator of the distribution systems in the SIGMA GROUP complex is now the holding company UCED Hranice, the service of the power equipment is provided by ENERGETICKÁ SERVISNÍ s.r.o. For the operation and management of the distribution systems, UCED Hranice uses both the know-how of the entire UCED energy group and its own experience gained by operating the electricity distribution system and the thermal energy supply system in the Sigma Hranice industrial complex.

Outsourcing energy infrastructure has provided the company SIGMA GROUP not only with a strong partner for solving all energy issues, but also with significant savings in operating costs and costs for revitalization and development of the distribution system.

The acquisition in Lutín is not the end of the UCED group' s interest in expanding its portfolio. The activities of the group are confirmed by its managing director Richard Holešinský: "The pandemic and its consequences were a significant impulse that triggered restructuring in a number of industrial sectors, especially in heavy engineering and related fields. Industrial companies are beginning to specialise closely in their primary business, which they master perfectly. Conversely, other areas, such as electricity and gas distribution, are being handed over to experienced professionals. On the one hand, they have more experience and teams of highly qualified professionals, but they are also perfectly familiar with the current rapid legislative changes. We therefore see a huge acquisition potential in the current situation, which we want to make the most of."